SEATBELTS: Not just for safety anymore…

I want you to think about your seatbelt for one minute. Clearly it could save your life, but it could also help you avoid a DUI. One thing I want everyone to be aware of are the police officers looking for people without their seatbelt after hours. Although it is very unlikely that you would ever be pulled over for “driving without your seatbelt” during the daytime, it is the perfect tool for police officers to begin their DUI investigation of people driving after hours. If you are pulled over and have not had anything to drink, the officer will likely give you a warning and send you on your way. If you smell like alcohol or have the typical indicators of intoxication, you could be looking at a charge of DUI and a night in jail.

Simply put: Wear your seatbelts! This simple two second action could help you avoid a DUI. It could also save your life!

Your friend and attorney, 

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