Gun Rights and Criminal Justice Legislation to Watch This Week in Tennessee

Gun Rights


Several pieces of legislation will be discussed before the Tennessee Legislature this week that aim to lessen restrictions on gun ownership, and would allow handgun carry permit holders to carry almost anywhere in the state. The legislation would allow handgun carry permit holders to have their gun anywhere in the state, on a boat if it is not loaded and in a school if the principal is informed. Another bill sponsored by Rep. Tilman Goins, R-Morristown, would allow people with restraining orders to carry guns if they have a valid carry permit.


Another bill pertaining to gun rights filed by Rep. Andy Holt, R-Dresden, would give criminal and civil immunity to people who use a handgun in self-defense, defending another person, or defending a victim of a crime in progress.


Criminal Justice


A bill from Rep. Antonio Parkinson, D-Memphis, would require the state parole board to meet and grant immediate release of a parolee who was jailed on an offense that was dismissed by the courts. Another bill would expedite death penalty appeals directly to the state Supreme Court.



Blake Bratcher is an Associate Attorney at Freeman and Fuson

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